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Welcome to GMM Bookstore
Copies of the latest Messages' are available for purchase here, along with novelties, T-shirts, Calendars, etc. We will be offering weekly specials on most items in the online store. Due to re-design of our site, we have not listed all merchandise in the bookstore for retail sale. We are currently in the process of setting up our P.O.S system so we will not be able to take orders a this time. However, we will continue to display products so that you can become familiar with some of our inventory.  Please allow us some time to make the necessary adjustments before attempting to place orders. 

A release date will display on our home page when the bookstore becomes active so please stay tuned. 
True Oneness

Gregory Mitchell, the author of "True Oneness"
is truly an inspiring book. Whether married or single, True Oneness in your life and relationships is required for growth and development.  The success of the covenant relationship of marriage depends on both individuals developing in this oneness. Oneness is a lifestyle and its fruits are love, peace, and prosperity.

It is imperative that the Body of Christ becomes a beckoning force that inspires a nation, and lead the world. Other wise, division becomes the dominant force and failure is its fruit: "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand" Matthew 12:25, KJV. Please feel free to make a contribution in the form of a donation to Gregory Mitchell to continue to help him publish more novels.                            

Success In The Word

Breaking Free from the
Walls of Containment

The listener will  gain insight on how to break free from the walls of containment dealing with everyday life. Apostle Gregory explains the various barriers and strongholds that enslave our minds. In order to truly be free, we must break free from the walls of containment.

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