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GMM Departments


Gregory Mitchell Ministries wants you and your family to feel connected (whether at home or our church). Whether you’re single, married with kids, or without, we have something for everyone! Check out the various ways we have to serve you and your family, and EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE IN MINISTRY.

Men's Ministry (The Rock)
Check out the Men’s Fellowship Ministry The Rock here at GMM. The Rock was created to give men the opportunity to fellowship together in their on way. Participates in the Rock enjoy excursions and various outings aborad ranging from, dining, deep sea fishing, laser tag, basketball, and much more. The Rock also sponsors many fundraiser events to raise funds for charity give-a-ways. You’ll find the resources and support you need to help you live the life God meant for you to live as a man. Come and be apart of The Rock!
Age Range: 10+

Women's Ministry
Check out the Women's Fellowship Ministry (The Women's Circle). Liken unto The Rock, the Women's Circle provides Christ-centered spiritual growth; fellowship; recreational fun; and therapeutic outings to encourage women and young ladies. The Women's Circle offers guidance and counseling for young women who are interested in perfecting their walk with christ.  The Women's Circle also sponsors fundraiser events, in addition to hosting the famous "Rainbow Tea" event. In order to deepen our relationship with God, we must also deepen our relationship with others.
Age Range: 12+


Marriage Ministry
This ministry provides information and support to maintain a Godly quality of life in marriage and relationships with others. Apostles Gregory and Carla Mitchell oversee the marriage ministry and for the past 2 years they have counseled several couples. With over 30 years in marriage, it is there belief that they have the experience to counsel singles, married, and unmarried couples.  The Apostles host small group sessions to discuss topics affecting marriages today, the covenant union of marriage, and how to live in True Oneness. During sessions,  Apostle Gregory utilizes his first publication, True Oneness as a teaching tool to enhance the lives of ever individual who desires to allow their marriage/relationship to be a reflection of Christ and the church.  As each session continues to grow, we would like for you to be able to share your testament with other couples. Singles are encouraged to join in as well.If you re experiencing difficult times in your marriage or relationship, then this is the right group for you!

If you need immediate support or you feel like you need someone to speak with concerning your marriage/relationship click here

Covenant & Care Ministry
The Covenant & Care Ministry maintains contact with all members of BOLM and GMM. Member of this department conduct weekly telephone, email, and face-to-face contacts to inquire about the well being of each member. Through this contact we are able to meet to respond quickly to those in need of prayer, encouragement, or whatever the situation may be. Covenant & Care exists so that we may be able to assist any member who has a specific need.

Victus Food Bank
Victus Food Bank is currently in the development stage. Victus is geared toward assisting families in need by supplying perishable/non-perishable food items and . We are concerned about the well being of individuals in the community and it is our mission to ensure we are able to help when assistance is needed. Currently, Victus is in the start-up phase and we anticipate this service will be active by the year 2015. This service will be available to members and non-members of our organization.

The communications ministry serves as a direct link to access information regarding what's happening in the ministry. Our purpose is keep all members, non-members, and visitors informed of what's taking place in the ministry. We utilize a strategic direct email marketing system that generates emails to subscribers, which contain all the information on upcoming events, special occasions, fundraiser events, etc. Subscription to this service is FREE. If you like to stay in the KNOW, then this is a part of the ministry that you should take advantage of.

The Communication Ministry is operated by Michael McIntosh, better known as "DT (Dynamite Tosh)". Mr. McIntosh also delivers the announcements during service with an explosive vocal stage presence. So be sure to come by and experience the difference in live announcing. He's the man of steel, keeping it real!!